• 1) Car umbrella open size: W91 x L177in (W2300 x L4500mm) instead of the old generation W82 x L157in (W2100 x L4000mm), SUNSCREEN Air is Ventilated between the cover tent and the car, proven effective block of heat to be transmitted into car in rising temperature. 2) Auto-manual 2 in 1, pull out lock-pin, can switch auto type to manual. 3) More stable structure, with 4 supporting point to make it more stable and durable.
  • ONE CLICK SETUP WITH REMOTE - Automatically fold and unfold with a remote control device, this automatic car tent can easily be installed and removed in a very short amount of time.
  • FOLDED AND PORTABLE - After you fold your car cover it will take a small place at your trunk or your storage area.
  • MULTI CAR PROTECTION - The car tent will stop and protect your car from acid drop like birds waste and other elements, this special car umbrella it fit can cover all available cars.

Automatic Car Umbrella Opens Using a Remote Control - 4.6 Meters

  • 1.  Put the car umbrella on the flat position of the middle of car roof, untie the anti-theft rope. Pull the handle down to fix the sucker. And then press the [ON] button. (Note : Please keep the surface of car roof and sucker clean and ashless, to make sure the sucker is fixed stably)


    2. Automatic Type : Take out the remote control and press the Open indicating button and open the car umbrella.


    3. Hang the windproof ropes on the right position and adjust the ropes to appropriate length.


    4. Finish installation. Please press the [OFF] button on the base for saving power.


    Packages include :

    Frame, Cloth, Wireless Remote Control, Car Charger, Bag, Manual Instruction & Warranty card.