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Patio Umbrellas by Invezo is a must for Hotels & Resorts across India

Parasols for the hospitality industry from Invezo will make your outdoor dining area a success.

Restaurant and café owners use elegant large parasols to create an inviting outdoor dining area for their guests. The parasols do a whole lot more than provide protection from the sun: They make a space pleasant and atmospheric and complement the appearance of the premises. They also provide the benefit of making your outdoor dining area suitable for use in the spring and autumn, and can also be used to create outdoor smokers’ corners that are protected from the wind and weather.

Enliven your open–air eatery with parasols from Invezo. All Invezo Cantilever umbrellas for the hotel/restaurant industry can be modified using accessories that can increase functionality, usefulness, and aesthetics even further. For example, you can add lighting, heaters, loudspeakers, etc. Comfortable tables, cushions, and chairs along with the perfect amount of shed can tempt your guest to linger for longer at your eatery and order more.

The right café and restaurant patio umbrella for your location

Invezo has exactly the right parasol for the hospitality industry to offer for all types of spaces, every environment, and every design concept. Classic large parasols, practical round umbrellas, and square centre pole umbrellas are featured in the product range. We also have compact cantilever parasols or large centre pole garden umbrellas with diameters of up to 9 feet – all suitable for the hospitality industry.

  • The basic structure is extremely robust, and stable in the wind.

  • The canopy is water resistant or waterproof, tested in accordance with the strict UV protection standard, and retains its color for years to come (tested for weather and light fastness)

  • The operation of these luxury garden umbrellas is intuitive and easy

  • ·Cleaning and repair of the luxury umbrellas are both very user-friendly

Quality from the Invezo umbrellas promises decades of longevity and the big-size outdoor umbrellas are largely maintenance–free. We guarantee you can continue to rely on the excellent availability of spare parts for years to come. Invezo still delivers spare parts and replacement canopies for patio umbrellas even today.

Quality Outdoor Umbrellas for the hospitality industry for more than 20 years

As India is developing at rapid speed and so are the needs for hotel umbrellas and café umbrellas, Invezo has been a faithful partner to the hospitality and hotel industry worldwide for 20 years. We make sure your outdoor café, eatery, lawn, or poolside harmonizes with nature and ensures your client will keep coming back to your premises.

Browse through our photos and catalog on our website page and look at the references of our happy clients from our Instagram page

Invezo’s patio umbrellas add an extra level of elegance and beauty to your backyards, patios, decks, and gardens. Using a quality patio umbrella provides you with coolness and fashionable charm for your outdoor activities. With patio umbrellas, you can enjoy nature without sacrificing style or comfort.

Our patio umbrella shelters its occupants who sit under it from the sun and other weather conditions. Do you have a beautiful backyard or garden that you love to enjoy on summer days? Then installing a patio umbrella is the right choice. It is used in backyard patios and environments where eating and lounging occur, like a restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc.

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