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Patio Umbrella, Big Outdoor Umbrella & Big Umbrella for Garden

It is safe to say that you are searching for garden umbrella on the web? Do you have a veranda, gallery or terrace which goes unused because of summer heat and monsoon rain? Our patio umbrella gives shed as well as makes your outside zone look alluring.


INVEZO gives assortment of large outside umbrella in various colors, sizes and structures. Garden Umbrella with stand is a detached structure. An open air table and seat can be kept underneath the umbrella.


The working of these parasols is extremely basic. It is 90% preassembled and just requires fixing it with the stand. The vast majority of these umbrellas accompany a rotational handle which must be turned so as to open and close the umbrella. The fabric of the umbrella is specialized in shielding from sun. They are effectively washable and do not ask for any maintenance.


Apart from individual use, these umbrellas are generally utilized for commercial purpose at workplaces, society, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and bistros.


Large open air umbrella for garden are accessible in 2 structures.


1) Side Pole Umbrella with stand.


2) Center Pole Umbrella with stand.


Side Pole Umbrella: These umbrellas are generally called as cantilever umbrellas with shaft in the side. They are the most appealing looking unsupported umbrellas. Available in round and square, they are generally brought by users with large yards, balconies. Side pole umbrella are available in various colors which coordinate effectively with your outside designs.


Center Pole Umbrella: These umbrellas are called as Patio Umbrellas with the pole in the center. They are regularly inserted in the center of the table, accordingly covering the whole table and giving shed. Center pole Patio umbrellas are broadly observed and utilized at restaurants, bistros and pool side.


With our varied range of garden umbrellas on the web, you get various options to browse. Our Umbrellas are broadly utilized as sea shore umbrellas by lodgings close to the sea shore. We have given our patio umbrellas to 5 star and 7 star Hotels all over india.


We specialize in providing pool side umbrella to hotels, clubs, farm houses in india. Our garden umbrellas are available in various value ranges fitting your financial plan, space and necessity. We guarantee that these umbrellas make your space comfortable and lovely as well as carry a big smile to your face.


We have 4 kinds of umbrella available in side post


1) Side Pole with rock base


2) Side post with water base


3) Aluminum side post with rock base


4) 360 degree turning side post umbrella


We have 4 kinds of umbrella accessible in focus post


1) Single deck Wooden focus post with base


2) Double deck wooden focus shaft with base


3) Single deck metal focus post with base


4) Aluminum focus post with base


We are the main providers of the enormous garden umbrella for nursery to hotels, bistros, cafés and individual use. Generously connect with us so we can assist you with choosing the best umbrella for you.

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