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Promotional flags -

Promotional flags are a very popular form of advertising the products for various reasons such as, it is cost effective, it  occupies less space, are easy to install and are long lasting. Promotional flags are available in different  shapes and sizes. They can be customized as per client requirement. Printing is possible on both sides of the flag as both the sides are visible to the eye. These flags are light weighted hence comes different types of base which are used to provide stability to the flags. Depending on the location and use of the client they can use different types of base for the flag. Usually satin fabric is used for printing of promotional flags. The flag's  are available in different heights starting from 8ft to 12ft. The flag's height makes it easy to attract the customer as it stands out. These flags are often used for brand promotion during sport events such as marathon, cycling etc. It is also placed outside on business premises to promote their products.   


Structure of promotional flags available are:

  • Feather Flag

  • Angled Flag

  • Teardrop Flag

  • Rectangle Flags


Types of promotional flags bases


Cross base with water tube:

Cross bases with water tubes are mostly used as a base for promotional flags as it is the cheapest base, easy to move from place to place and also doesn't weigh much. The water tube makes the cross base a bit more stable. It is mostly used for events and exhibitions where the flag needs to be assembled and dismantled on daily basis.

Spike Base :

Spike bases are pointed bases which can be used on grounds, fields, beaches, etc. It can go up to 1.2 ft (14inch) inside the ground. It is easy to install a spike base promotional flag but is restricted to the type of ground for use.


Water Base:

Water base is one of the heavy bases available. This base is more stable compared to other bases and is mostly used for windy locations. This base can hold up to 10 liters of water or 10 kg of sand. It is easy to empty the water or sand from the base thus making it easy to carry from place to place.


Steel Plate Base:

Steel Plate Base is used if the flag needs to be installed at a location permanently. There is an option to nail the plate to the ground. This base is mostly used in windy locations as it provides best stability to the flag comparatively to all other bases. It can be removed once the event is done but includes a bit of hard work to install and dismantle the base.

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