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Can Gazebo Tents be used for Personal and Official Uses?

The simple answer to the above question is Yes, Invezo’s Canopy tent can be used for personal as well as official purposes. Sometimes we do not realize how useful a product can be just by looking at it. The same happened with Invezo and its team, we did not fathom how a portable gazebo tent can be a utility product. It is our founder Mr. Pratik Shah who had the vision and realized how these portable tents is not only meant for official usage but also personal.

Invezo started in the year 1990. We are well known umbrella manufacturers. Mr. Pratik Shah is a second generation who came up with varied products and extended our markets. Gazebo tents are now used by lakhs of people in every different state of India.

Jumping straight to the topic, when we talk about personal uses, people in India have skipped the traditional garden gazebos which take hours to be installed, and are opting for dome shaped tents. Our outdoor canopies are easily put up within minutes. It takes about 2-3 people to install and dismantle the tent.

Invezo’s Gazebo tents act as self-standing shelters and do not require to be screwed to the floor or ground. Not only do they act as a perfect shade for balconies, terraces, or big lawns next to your bungalow, they are foldable and can be stored away easily. As these folding tents take up very less space, it is easy to fold them and keep them in storage when not in use, unlike a traditional shamiyana or garden gazebo.

Imagine the people of India putting up these beautiful gazebo tents in their gardens and beautifying their homes. We have gazebos available in all colors which can match aesthetically any background in nature. You can easily host parties and use the tents as a shed, a place to sit under, or use for catering. Our tents are available in different sizes like 6.5 x 6.5 feet, 10 x 10 feet, 10 x 15 feet, and 10 x 20 feet.

Along with that, our canopy can be used for official purposes as well. Think of a construction site, canopies are a must for the site for workers who can be under the shed for protection from the sun or for resting. They can also be used for storage by covering the tents from all 4 sides.

Our canopy tents are used by the shooting industry as well. Due to their portable and folding nature, they can be carried for shoots at outdoor locations. They can be carried outside India or inside India easily. Shooting tents are widely used by the Bollywood and Tollywood industries of India.

Our large sized tents are used widely by the catering and décor industry. With events and wedding season around the corner in India, these tents are to be seen in every wedding function as food stalls or photo booths. They are widely used as shamiyans during day time to protect from the sun. Not only are they economical but are reusable as well. They are hassle free and better than mandaps.

Invezo has provided gazebo tents to the government, and police force during covid and natural disasters to provide sheds during extreme heat or rains. Our tents are widely used by the defense groups of India for carrying out various activities. Our outdoor portable tents provide optimal shelter and do not let the water come inside. The frame can be used for years without any damage. The fabric of the tent can be interchanged whenever needed.

With lakhs of people using our gazebo tents from various parts of India, Book your canopy tents. What are you waiting for?

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