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Gazebo Tents used in Indian Marriage

Gazebo tents are portable, foldable, and temporary sheds and are more economical and easy to set up it is a self-installation product where 2 people can install it within 5 minutes. you can use them as and when required for different purposes in marriages like gazebo tents are being used for various purposes, for example, Gazebo tents being used for the shed where we can install these tents on the terrace or on the ground and can use for the shed where people can sit under it and rest or enjoy the function when it's sunny and too hot.

There are options available for side covers as well. in the case of side covers it depends on your requirement if you want your gazebo tent to be covered from the sides you can put the covers and when not in use you can remove them Side covers are detachable so you can use them as per your need there is a window option also available for side cover there is a small netted window cover available which has a window to avoid mosquito and helps for better ventilation it has a flap option as well like if you feel not to use the window then you can put the flap.

Gazebo tents are used as rooms where you can cover the tent from all four sides and used as a changing room. Gazebo tents are used as mandaps like if you have an outdoor wedding so you can use a normal 10x10 ft gazebo for mandap to do all the rituals and you can set up a gazebo in the surrounding for guests to sit and attend the rituals. Gazebo tents are used by caters for catering the food if the food court is set up in the outdoor or lawn area you can set up a gazebo tent of 10x10 ft or 10x20 ft like you can set up 4-5 tents in a row and join them and use as big counter and use for sitting for having food. Gazebos are mainly used during summers for sun protection and to enjoy the function without any problem and during the rainy season to get protected from rains and avoid any disturbance gazebo tents are saviors for the functions.

Gazebo tents are available in different colors and sizes according to your requirement you can even choose the color as per your theme which gives good look to your theme. The gazebo is a very good substitute for people who have a low budget and that's a pretty look for their functions

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