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Invezo Family Outdoor swings for Balcony, Garden, Veranda

Outdoor Swings traditionally called Jhula are an integral part of Indian Homes. Outdoor swings have been a part of Indian society since historic times. Family times are best spent outdoors with swings. To date families prefer to have a jhula in their gardens, and verandas. We Indians have some kind of sentimental value attached to 3-seater outdoor swings or 2 seater outdoor swings.

Initially, it used to be a task to get outdoor family swings. They were available after a lot of customizations from different vendors. Wooden carved frames and iron rods hanging from the ceiling are a part of many households. But to get install the entire swing and get vendors from carpenters to craftsmen, and tailors was an enormous task. Invezo and its team recognized this problematic area and with a lot of research on raw materials, outdoor spaces, weather, and customer needs came up with a solution.

Invezo brings to you traditional family swings with a modern touch that defines luxury, elegance, and utility at the same time. Invezo made a two in one swing which can be used in indoors as well as outdoors. Keeping modern and older aesthetics in mind we have introduced 2 outdoor swings.

1) Luxury Outdoor Swing with cushions – available in 2 / 3-seater

2) Textilene Outdoor Swing – available in 2 / 3-seater

We have designed the swings in beige/khaki color which camouflages with most of the background types. We have designed both 2-seater and 3-seater sizes so it can match your existing spaces and there is no need to restrict yourself if there are space constraints.

The best part of the swing is its utility. It can be used indoors by removing the roof/shed provided by the swing in the simplest way. It can be used outdoors all around the year in all weather-like conditions. Our research team has made sure that the fabric used in the swing is UV-proof. As the product will be placed outdoors most of the time, we have used a heat-repellent fabric which allows the swing to stay cool in the hottest regions of India. The shed can be moved around in a 180-degree direction to avoid sunlight directly in your eyes.

When we started to research and development on the making of the swing, we felt why restrict our clients and their families to enjoy this product only in summer. With a lot of brainstorming, we came across the perfect Oxford fabric with an adequate thickness that can be used in monsoons.

The shed and cushions are developed in such a way that it does not let rainwater seep in. The angular roof will let the water pass and not accumulate at the top. The same has been followed with the textilene swing as well.

Our designing team has provided cup holders at both ends of the 2 seater and 3 seater luxury swing. You can put your glasses, and cups on the holders while enjoying morning and evening tea/coffee.

Our outdoor swings can take up to 200 to 300 kgs of capacity. The build is very strong with strong mild steel and avoids the rotting of the metal for a long period of time.

We will update you more about the swings in our next blog. To check more about the product specifications and prices please visit the below links.

Luxury Outdoor Swings

2-seater Outdoor Swing:

3-Seater Outdoor Swing:

Textilene Outdoor Swings

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