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Patio Umbrella – Vital Outdoor Furniture

India lies above the equator; the country remains warm throughout the year. India has a lot of beautiful landscapes and a lot of open outdoor land. India is not only a home for crores of citizens but also one of the favourite tourist places for people around the globe due to its diversity. There are lakhs of hotels and properties in India which have vast outdoor places overlooking the seas, mountains and barren lands.

When we speak about outdoor locations, we think about outdoor furniture like tables, chairs, and loungers. According to us, the most vital outdoor furniture is a patio umbrella which allows you to truly enjoy the beautiful landscapes and spend maximum time with the beautiful nature.

Often umbrellas are known to be a luxury item to own but in India, a location, it becomes a necessity due to its hot climate. India shares a hot climate with extremely hot summers. It becomes essential to have a garden umbrella to protect yourself from the sun and hot climate.

Invezo Umbrellas are meant to protect you from the summer heat and direct sun rays. With the increasing pollution and global warming, exposing yourself to the direct sun is not advisable. Invezo umbrellas provide the best sunblock by cutting down 80% of the direct sun rays. The fabric used in our umbrella is made up of UV-resistant fabric. We use a breathable fabric that doesn’t create heat inside while sitting below. We also have umbrellas which allow movement of air and help in self-ventilation so that it remains cool within.

Our umbrellas are used all over India from 5-star hotels to Airbnb properties and personal bungalows and homes. We are proud to inform you that our reach is maximum from remote regions of India to metro cities in India. Hotels in India use our umbrellas for their lawns and poolside areas. Our umbrellas are elegant and mostly go with the outdoor aesthetics of hotels and restaurants.

Imagine yourself having a beautiful house with a balcony, terrace or outdoor veranda but you can’t enjoy the same due to an inappropriate shed. Now imagine yourself having one of our beautiful Invezo Umbrellas, we bet you will not like coming inside. We have a range of umbrellas in different shapes, sizes and colours. Our umbrellas come in different price ranges as well. We assure you that every penny spent on Invezo Umbrellas is worth it.

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas add to the attraction of the place and make it look beautiful. The colours used in our umbrellas are beautiful and make your place attractive. It rains for 4 months in India and keeping that in mind we have umbrellas which are water resistant and waterproof so that water doesn’t seep in or make you wet.

Our umbrellas don’t take up a lot of space due to the way they are made. If you believe that you may have to change your entire outdoor furniture to accommodate an umbrella you are wrong. We have side pole umbrellas specially made for that so that you don’t need to buy a centre table with a hole in it. All you need to do is place the side pole umbrella along with your furniture and enjoy the outdoors. The pole in a side pole umbrella is at the side with the canopy opening from the frame.

Invezo and the team are proud to inform you that you won't get this wide variety and range of umbrella options anywhere in India. We have the best support team and product team. We have built each and every umbrella keeping nature, climate, location and budget in mind. Every umbrella has given a lot of thought and heart to it.

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