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Invezo Patio Umbrellas

A patio umbrella is an indispensable outdoor equipment to shade you from the burning sun especially in the hot summer days. An ant garden umbrella not only looks beautiful but also provides elegance in any outdoor occasions and adds a charming colour to make your resorts and villas more aesthetically wonderful.

People often misunderstand garden umbrellas to be a luxury product, we justly believe it to be more of a utility product for you and your family. It not only provides shade from sun but also allows you to be close to nature then being indoors.

We are the only company in India with the maximum range of outdoor umbrellas. We provide maximum colour variations and are able to customise the colour as per your requirement. Garden Umbrellas are available in 2 types

1) Side Pole Umbrella with the pole in the side and the umbrella shade hanging from the pole in round or square formation.

2) Centre Pole Umbrella with the pole in the centre and the umbrella shade resting on the frame in round or square formation.

Patio umbrellas supplied by us are so easy to use that not only can you use them in hotels and cafes but can use them at lawns, garden and balcony of your homes. Umbrellas provided by us are pre-assembled. All that needs to be done is to install them on the provided stand and open it using lever or by pulling a string.

Our frames are made keeping in mind India’s temperature and weather so that the poles don’t rust. Either made of aluminium or Metal with Ms powder coating on it. As India has a tropical weather throughout the year, we have made the fabric in such a way that provides optimal shade and also allows you to sit under the umbrella without making it hot. We have fabrics which are water proof as well as water resistant so that it can be used in slight rains without getting yourself wet.

Outdoor products generally require more maintenance than indoor items. Our products are designed in such a way that you don’t need to maintain or take care regularly. It is expected to close down the umbrellas in case of harsh extreme weathers. It is also expected to clean the fabric with damp cloth once a week in case of dust, leaves falling on them so that they don’t lose its texture and freshness.

Speaking of beautifying your outdoor lawn, pool side, gardens, cafes or balcony we all think of greenery, nursery, outdoor swings. We are always in an assumption that big umbrellas will be expensive and handful to procure. But that is not the case of Invezo umbrellas. We have umbrellas in all range, types suiting your budget and are pocket friendly.

Our umbrellas are known for a long-lasting life. Once purchased you don’t have to worry about it again. They have a good shelf life depending on the location. Invezo Umbrellas are not only designed to beautify your outdoor space but also designed to be strong and stable and utility friendly.

We are the best outdoor garden umbrellas in India with a supply chain pan India. We provide a door step delivery any where in India. Our dedicated team members are here to take care of your order since inception. We also help you in choosing the best umbrella as per your needs and location and shall help you till umbrella is installed in your space.

We have manuals explaining installation as well as YouTube videos explaining the entire installation and dismantling of each and every umbrella giving you a live experience of the umbrella you are purchasing.

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